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Industrial Design

Many people ask what industrial design is…long story short; it’s product design with the understanding of how it will be made. What products? All of them. Then why isn’t it called Everything Design then? I don’t know ok?! I just do the work.

Retail Design

The way we shop has changed, and will continue to change. A retail space is where a brand becomes a physical experience and will directly affect brand perception, with almost two decades of experience in branded environment design, I know retail!

Package Design

This is something I have strong feelings about; we live in an age where a lot more thought needs to be put into how we package our goods. I work towards designing packages that leave as little environmental impact as possible on the planet, while still fulfilling the requirements of each specific product.

Architectural Design

Retail store exterior? Fancy pylon sign? Cool addition to your mid-century home? Yes please, these are some of my favourite things. I am very familiar with construction methods, building systems, building code and bylaws.


People don’t typically notice great way-finding but they certainly notice when it’s bad. It’s a lot more than just signs, it’s a mix of industrial design, graphic design, and strategy. Knowing what people will need to know and putting it at the right place, and at the right scale.

Latest Posts

Reduce Risk

Exploring new ideas and creating new products is a lot of fun…as long as no one is worried about going broke because of it. One of the many challenges companies face is when to venture into new territory and when to play it safe at the risk…

Outsource when you need to

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It’s been well over a decade since I’ve had a paid salary job with benefits. When I left a permanent full-time job to take a contract gig at a design firm I didn’t know it would be the start of a long, interesting, and formative journey.…

Why hire an independent designer or firm?

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Why hire an independent designer or design firm? In short, because they look after your direct needs the best while offering greater levels of flexibility and interdisciplinary talent. The longer answer to that question is that a designer makes…

Why I chose to do a kickstarter campaign

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If you have an idea, there are a lot of ways to get a product to market, typically though there is a process which those who have done it before follow. The design process nets numerous prototypes. Those prototypes allow for testing and help…

Kickstarter success…now let’s get to work!

STAN, the first of many ideas to come out of THE DESIGN INDUSTRY was a success on Kickstarter and now the real work begins! I'd like to thank backers like George Paravantes, Sławek Wolski, Orbit Cases, Toni Ross, Vilijam Rigo, Blazing Works,…

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