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What do we do?!

Industrial Design

Many people aren't clear on what Industrial Design is...long story short; it’s product (and package) design with the understanding of how it will be made. What products? All of them. Why isn’t it called Everything Design then? I don’t know ok?! I just do the work.

Retail Design

The way we shop has changed and will continue to change. A retail space is where a brand becomes a physical experience and will directly affect brand perception, with almost two decades of experience in branded environment design, I know retail!


People don’t typically notice great way-finding but they certainly notice when it’s bad. It’s a lot more than just signs, it’s a mix of industrial design, graphic design, and strategy. Knowing what people will need to know and putting it at the right place, and at the right scale.

Architectural Design

Retail store exterior? Fancy pylon sign? Cool addition to your mid-century home? I am very familiar with construction methods, building systems, building code and bylaws. Visualize it, then make it real.

A Little About Me

My name is Paul Hanusiak and I am an Industrial Designer. THE DESIGN INDUSTRY is the company I formed over a 15+ year period designing products, packaging, way-finding, and complete retail stores. I have done work for a range of clients from start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations and I love the variety my career allows; supporting new business ventures one day, being the hired gun for a design firm the next, it’s always interesting.

I look at design as a holistic process, it cannot be done in isolation and attain the best result; products that are well thought out from concept to production, retail spaces that are engaging and on brand, there are so many factors to consider.

THE DESIGN INDUSTRY is located in the growing city of Guelph and provides Industrial Design and Retail Design service to Southern Ontario...although I will travel for a really juicy project.

Paul's a rock star. Lindsay Cook, JOE FRESH
I spit my coffee out all over my keyboard when I read your email.Tina Mazza, Mobilicity
Do you want my job? David Milne, DMD Retail Design
I like working with people I would have a coffee or a beer with. Me, in general