What do we do?!


Design is the foundation of almost every venture be it a product, a brand, an architectural space, or a logo. Good design makes good business. We're kinda crazy about design over here.


There are a lot of great ideas but getting it out of your head and into the real world is where most people get stuck. We have a huge range of experience in design and manufacturing to help your idea get real. We can develop an idea from concept to production. Have something you want to bring to market? Let's talk, don't have an NDA? That's ok, we do.

Manage Production

Need something made but don’t know what you’re doing? Don’t worry, it’s not your job, it’s ours! Independent experts help you to find unbiased and uninfluenced manufacturing partners for production methods that are right for you.

Process and Value Engineering

Whether you're just starting your project or you're already in production, there are a lot of efficiencies that can be found that can save money or improve the product.

A Little About Us

THE DESIGN INDUSTRY was started by Industrial Designer Paul Hanusiak (Professional board member of ACIDO since 2007) after well over a decade designing products, packaging, and complete retail stores for many of North America's largest retailers.

“The purpose of this company is to allow me to work directly with the client and really look at the design process holistically to attain the best result possible; products that are well thought out from concept to production, retail spaces that are engaging and on brand, and never stop learning and trying new things.”

Being located in the quickly growing city of Guelph makes THE DESIGN INDUSTRY one of the only design consultancies outside of the Greater Toronto Area to provide Industrial Design and Retail Design service to Southern Ontario.

Paul's a rock star. Lindsay Cook, JOE FRESH
I spit my coffee out all over my keyboard when I read your email.Tina Mazza, Mobilicity
Do you want my job? David Milne, DMD Retail Design
I like working with people I would have a coffee or a beer with. Me, in general